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meet terry lynn...

Psychic Medium & Healer

I had my first vision at the age of four years. I never really developed my gift until later years though. I grew up knowing things I shouldn't know and talking to dead people. I was told I had a good imagination and said silly things that would make people think I was crazy. From 1996 to 2000 I lost my parents, grandparents, a niece and nephew, my best friend and a few other people. I couldn't explain away the incidents that were happening to me, so I embraced it and moved forward. I love this level of consciousness and am so grateful. My heart smiles every time I am do a reading or help someone. I don't ask why, I just enjoy and live in gratitude.


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meet jodi...

Muggle Extraordinaire 

Jodi comes to the Amethyst family with a smile, a crystal and her wrapping tools.  Always happy to be working with crystals and the amazing people who share her passion.  When asked about crystals, she is very knowledgeable and resourceful.  If she

doesn't know the answer, she is pretty quick to find it for you.


She is a self proclaimed good listener and is happy to give hugs to anyone who may need one.  Happiness and laughter are the way to this girl's heart.  She answers to Jodi, but is also lovingly known as McBiggers Jr.